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The Equipment at Black Hawk Laser


Black Hawk Laser uses the latest in laser tag technology to maximise the quality of your experience.  


In February 2016 we launched a new range of light weight guns so the smallest players can easily play with the largest guns.


Each tagger sends a flash when shooting to simulate a gun firing and has realistic sounds to bring the experience to life. 


There are no bulky vests to wear and the gun has 360 degree vulnerability.  


The tagger display shows all mission critical information at a glance.  This includes - lives remaining, ammunition in current magazine, reloads remaining, mission status, fire mode and mission timer.



Black Hawk Laser has the following kit in its arsenal -


 Medic Box 


The medic box is set to allow players to respawn, to get extra lives and get back in the game.  


Ammunition Box


Get more ammunition with our Ammo boxes.


Electronic Flags


Our electronic flag system brings Capture the Flag bang up to date!




Black Hawk Laser has a number of guns in various sizes, all are lightweight and can be used by players from 7 years old.  The guns feature realistic sounds to bring the game to life.